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Cach pha ca phe ngon


The restaurant's distinctive coffee flavor and decorative figure are two indispensable factors to retain users and attract potential customers. In it, to make a fragrant coffee flavor is the art of the clarifier. So the secret to making a cup of flavored coffee is like? Here are all the seniors sharing how to make delicious coffee that you should not ignore

1. Understand right ingredients decision

The guiding step is also a very important step to vote for the quintessence of the finished product as well as the delicious aroma of coffee. Commented as the key to deciding how to include how delicious coffee is. Therefore, attention should be paid to selecting ingredients to avoid impacting the essence of the coffee cup, as well as the health of the drinker.


In the market, there are countless synthetic flavors in a cup of coffee, which are characteristic to recognize the outstanding raw coffee line, without adding impurities and additives such as:

1. Coffee powder sinks in water for a long time at room temperature

2. Coffee water color tones are light brown, not dense

3. Coffee powder has a mild taste

4. The quintessence of bitterness is mild, sour stick

Clean water, an ingredient that people often think is indispensable and unnecessarily expensive, but it partially affects the essence and aroma of coffee. Always be sure to use clean, water from a barrel or tank to heat coffee. This conflicts with the quintessence of the coffee being made and is responsible for the health of the user

Cch pha c ph Cappuccino

How to make cappuccino

2. How to grind coffee beans

After making careful decisions about the coffee ingredients, the coffee bean grinding step is also a fairly important contribution to a cup of coffee with different essences as desired, such as bitterness or sweet taste.

Care should be taken in the packaging process and keeping the beans in the roasting state, avoiding the outside air going inside, affecting the essence and flavor of the coffee.

3 Milk Coffee

Prepare some condensed milk, or you can use fresh milk instead. Depending on the individual gout of each person.

Wait for the coffee phin to drip off the water

Pour in coffee and stir well with milk and some ice

How to make coffee with milk

4 How to mix Pour Over

Need to prepare: fine ground coffee powder, V60 funnel and filter paper, micro scale, coffee pot, coffee cup

+ Wash the filter paper, V60 filter with boiling water at a temperature of 90 - 96 degrees to deodorize the paper and heat the funnel.

+ Weigh 20g of coffee beans into a jar, put in a blender, and then put in a V60 funnel

+ Pour 40ml of boiling water into the filter clockwise, wait for 30 seconds, add 260ml of boiling water to the filter slowly and continuously for 2 minutes.

+ Wait for the coffee to drip out of water and then exploit.

And if you are concerned about where to buy, sell, clean coffee, come to Tamazo Premium Coffee, we will contribute to you the finest pure coffee.

Thank you for your interest in the article

For more information about tools, tamazo coffee, buying and selling furniture, please contact:


Address: 50/19 Go Dau, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Phone: 0918 519 888





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Bc 1: Sau khi trng phin, dng 20 mung bt bistro (khong 200gr) lc nh v u, n nh np gi phin. Bc 2: Chm vo 250ml nc si (92-98OC) cho c ph n u. Bc 3: Sau 10-15 pht chm tip 500ml nc l va sau y np v ch c ph nh git.


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Bc 1: Trng phin qua nc nng. Bc 2: Mc 25 gram c ph cho vo phin ri t ln cc. Bc 3: Rt chm chm 30ml nc va si ln khp b mt c ph. Bc 4: Sau 2 - 3 pht, khi bt c ph hp th ht nc v n u, bn tin hnh nn np gi, chm thm 50ml nc si ri y np v ch i.


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